Updated 9/15/2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic our priority has been to ensure the safety of your children and our staff. We have continually evolved and updated our policies by consulting with our experts, the CDC, and the Board of Health.

1. Everyone entering the building should be wearing a mask ages 5+. Ages 5 and under it is up to parental discretion.

2. The lobby will be closed to all unnecessary traffic unless to see the office or use the bathroom. Outdoor seating will still be provided during our beautiful weather days!

3. One parent per pre school child is allowed to sit in the lobby, masked during their Childs class.

4. Please do not send your child to dance if they are showing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

5. Any student without a mask will be provided one.

6. You may enter the building to drop off/ pick up your child

7. Anyone with extenuating circumstances should follow up with the office.

We will still follow cleaning protocols in between classes and the studio will be deep cleaned nightly after every day of classes. We will continue to still use filtration systems to circulate the air in our lobby areas and in the studios.

As COVID-19 updates are constantly changing, we will continue to keep you all updated with any new changes that may come.

“Thank you Miss Tracy and Miss Michaela for going above and beyond by turning your dance studio into a safe environment

-Amanda Wis