Attendance is important as well as punctuality. If you will be late or absent please call the office or send us an email. If unable to participate in class, coming to watch is encouraged. Please call the office prior to see if this is an option. Due to COVID-19 we ask that students not get dropped off any earlier than 10 min prior to their class and be picked up immediately when their class has ended. In the event this is not possible or poses a conflict, you must call the office first and make arrangements so we can make sure your child is safe. * During the nice weather, our LDI patio will be open and parents/students may wait outside if need be. 

Inclement weather/ Cancellations

We will close in the event of snow or inclement weather. We do not always follow school closings. Please check your email or social media pages for updates on all weather closings. We do not give refunds for days we close due to the weather. We do encourage making up any missed classes. 

Makeup classes

All students are encouraged to make up missed classes due to sickness, injury or cancellations. Please call the office for available make up classes for your child. * Sometimes the studio may need to close for a competition weekend. These are few and far between and most often will not happen. In the even it is unavoidable a makeup day will be posted. 


There is a $40.00 per student registration fee- $50 per family. The registration fee is non-refundable. This reserves your spot in a given class. A spot will not be reserved until the registration fee and first months tuition is paid in full. Tuition payments are conveniently broken  down into 10 monthly payments- due the first of every month September-June. Tuition payments are the same throughout the year regardless of the number of weeks in a month. The tuition is based on 10 months at 10 equal payments to cover approximately 35 weeks of classes ( after allowing for vacation weeks). Tuition is non refundable and cannot be prorated for any reason. 

There is a $25.00 return check fee. Tuition payments made after the 7 day grace period will be subject to a $10.00 late fee. After 14 days a $15.00 late fee will be charged. When tuition goes past 21 days you will be asked to keep your child home until your account is brought up to date. A reminder email will be sent out studio wide on the 30th of every month prior-(tuition due on the 1st) and 6th ( before $10 late fee) of every month!

*Each account will require a credit card to be kept on file. If the balance due is not paid by the due date, the card will be charged for the amount due. You will be notified via email when a charge will be placed. 

* For all tuition pricing please contact the studio directly. 


Costume payments for our annual recital are due in full by November 20,2020. You may split the payments between October and November as long as the balance is paid by the due date. Costume fees are non refundable. If a student withdraws after January 1st, the costume becomes property of Let's Dance, Inc for another dancer to take their place in the routine. 

* ALL costumes will be given out steamed, wrinkle free, packaged with headpieces, socks, and tights required. We are known for our beautiful costumes! We only order from quality costume companies. We also have in house-Embellish Custom Costumes- for all our custom needs and alterations! Prices for costumes will be emailed directly to the studio families.