Read what people are saying about Let's Dance Inc.

From John Surabian, Dance Dad

"Our family has been involved with LDI for 17 years. It is safe, fun, inspirational and a professional establishment. We highly recommend them. The staff's talents and teaching styles are the best around. If it is just for fun or a serious dance knowledge/professional dance instruction, this is your place. We are grateful to be apart of the welcoming LDI family."

Erin Jacobsen, Dance Mom

"My daughter transitioned to Let's Dance, Inc in her junior year of High School. Despite it being an hour long drive, it was worth every moment of it! She was warmly welcomed by students and staff and her dance training was strong as we expected it would be. So well organized and thoughtful in their planning. LDI makes an effort to make all students succeed. Their instructors are all at the top of their game and offer the best training around. My daughter quickly became family and it was like she had been there forever. I Highly recommend LDI, even if you are an hour away, it is worth it!"

Sara Rindone, Dance Mom

"Honestly if I could give a higher rating star I would. This school is amazing and has a caring staff. My daughter has adopted such a love of dance from being in their classes. The teachers are so kind and treat their students with kindness and love. .100/10 a great studio."

From Dina Traganos, Dance Mom

"Thank you guys for being such a wonderful place for my girls to come get exercise and build their confidence during such a difficult time. It has really been amazing to watch the happiness coming here has brought them."

From Amanda Lahue, Dance Mom

My daughter has been dancing at this studio for 5 years and there isn’t enough words to describe how amazing the teachers and staff are!! They have not only taught my daughter to dance but have shown her how to be respectful and most importantly they have taught her to be a confident young little girl. This is not just a dance studio it’s a big family that you will definitely want to be a part of. I highly recommend Let’s Dance Inc, my family loves every part of of!!

From Amanda Wis, Dance Mom

Let’s dance came recommended to us & it was the best decision we made! The amount of time, dedication and commitment they give is priceless.
The instructors are top notch- not only do they pour their heart and soul into these children they make you feel like your family.
I cant say enough great things about let’s dance! I will say as long as my daughter is dancing LDI is where we will be.

** I highly recommend them to anyone who is either a beginner or more advanced, LDI has the knowledge to teach it all!

From Christina Penney, Dance Mom

"Let’s Dance isn’t just filled with incredibly talented dancers of all ages they also have an amazing staff. With this being the first year of dance with our 2 year old daughter we knew it could of went one way or they other like anything with a toddler. With that being said Miss Tracy & Miss Michaela are now names that we hear daily in our household even with the season being over! These woman have mastered how to teach dance to all ages in a loving & nurturing environment and because of how amazing they are we will look no further & always be part of Let’s Dance!!!"

From Sonia Pimentel, Dance Mom

"Let's Dance, Inc is the best dance studio not only for the great choreography, but also the amazing tolerance and understanding that the teachers have for the kids."

From Hannah Creamer, Former Student, Now Assistant teacher

"Let's Dance Inc has been a second home for me for the past 10 years of my life. The teachers pushed me to the best of my ability, continuously motivated me, showed me love and support everyday, and helped shape me into the person I am today. I have made some of the best memories throughout my time at LDI and relationships that I know will last forever. I would recommend LDI to any student who is interested in beginning or furthering their education in dance. It is the best of the best!!"

Alyshia Rosa, Photographer

"I have photographed a couple dancers that belong to Let’s Dance Inc and they have been nothing but the sweetest. They are so talented and I know it’s all because of their teachers!"

Korina Corbin, Dance Mom

"My daughter and I absolutely love LDI, it’s really her second home, she stared when she was 2, now she is almost 10 and her way to became a beautiful dancer. Thank you Ms. Tracy and Ms. Michaela for making this studio such an awesome environment for our kids to the point that they can’t wait to comeback from vacation!"

Gina Morello, Dance Grandmother

"Not enough room to list all the great things. The teachers and staff do a wonderful job. Their attention to detail shows every time the dancers hit the stage. If you are looking to start your 2 year old, this is the place to go. They make even the littlest dancer have fun in class and on stage."

Katie Oullette, Dance Mom

"Everything about this place is great. The staff is great with children, they make you feel like part of the family. The studio is beautiful and clean. I love being able to watch my son on tv while he is in the studio. It’s reasonably priced and well-organized. We just had our first recital and it was so much fun and the production value was impressive. We are so lucky to have found LDI!"

Jamie Addonizio, Dance Mom

"My daughter has been dancing at LDI for the past 5 years. The studio is amazing. She has learned so much, and made some lasting friendships. The staff is incredible. They go out of their way to support their dancers and their families. The dedication of the teachers and students really pays off when competing, this studio has taught some amazing and talented dancers. Thanks for an amazing season, Ella can't wait for the dance to start back up!"

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We couldn't be more grateful for all of our dance families. Your words mean everything to our staff. Thank you for supporting LDI throughout the years!